Cymbric Vale

The Cymbric Vale prospect area has been identified to have significant Copper prospectively with a shear hosted Copper system and similar structural and geological setting to Wilandra. High priority targets along more than 50km of strike have been identified.

A HeliTEM2 (EM) survey completed over the Cymbric Vale area identified geophysical targets that incorporate known copper mineralisation. A geophysical anomaly was identified measuring ~1,200 x 800 metres associated with the mineralised system where Copper mineralisation occurs within a feeder structure located north of the anomaly. The anomaly extends through the time delayed responses increasing the likelihood that the anomaly is associated with a sulphidic source.

Geochemical results over the Cymbric Vale area have defined broad areas of anomalism extending east south of copper mineralisation identified in RC drilling. the geochemical signature appears to be coincident with untested structures beneath shallow cover on the periphery of a region of metal depletion. This contrast in the geochemical response suggests a source-sink relationship linked to a hydrothermal setting.