The Wertago Prospect is located 40km north of the Wilandra Corridor. The area is highly prospective for various mineralisation styles including VMS and Epithermal. The Wertago prospect hosts the Wertago Copper Field and the Nuntherungie Silver Field, these two adjacent areas the result of metal zonation during emplacement of the mineralisaing fluids.

To date there has been minimal e􀀃ective modern exploration over the ground. A HeliTEM survey over the ground identified splay structures coincident with surface geochemical anomalism.

Significant Base Metals system potential

Potential for a significant base metals system to exist at Wertago, as evidenced by:

  • Variation in mineralogy, over separate fields targeted areas rich in copper, silver and lead
  • Zonation of metals across the mineral fields suggest that the system was active over significant amount of time and/or formed over multiple phases
  • The Wertago field may have a common source that is concealed at depth and is evidenced by distal manifestations of a more substantial mineralised system formed on or about the contacts of a concealed intrusive complex